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  NO TOUCH CLEANING The commercial world of cleaning is continually changing, always seeking out smarter cleaning machines with innovative cleaning solutions.  A leader in the industry and a company that we are proud to partner with is Kaivac. Their goal is to seek out and tackle the toughest cleaning challenges in restrooms, food service […]


      One of the most important parts of running a successful business is keeping it clean.  Remember first impressions are so important and can’t be unseen; when customers and staff for that matter, walk into your place of business, do they immediately feel safe and comfortable?  As the world becomes even more conscious […]

Mopping Up With Microfiber

Mopping Up With Microfiber   For many businesses, hiring a commercial cleaning company means that the cleaning is done better, faster, in “off-work” hours and that they benefit from the work of high quality staff, equipment and products making this a good investment for the business not merely  another expense. LET’S TALK ABOUT MICROFIBER Why?  […]