One of the most important parts of running a successful business is keeping it clean.  Remember first impressions are so important and can’t be unseen; when customers and staff for that matter, walk into your place of business, do they immediately feel safe and comfortable?  As the world becomes even more conscious of the presence of bacteria and germs nothing is more important than reflecting that your business cares about the safety and health of all who enter into the building.

This is where hiring good commercial cleaners comes into play. Commercial cleaning can be an onerous job, extremely hard on the body over a longer period of time. One of the best innovations to come along is the Backpack Vacuum.  Sounds like this could be fun, right?  Doesn’t it  bring visions of the the great open air and hikes along trails?  OK, maybe not but it could certainly make life easier.






Weighing only about 10 lbs. (versus an average  of about 25 lbs for an upright vacuum), the stress and strain on the user is much reduced.  It is recommended that you carry no more than ten percent of your own weight in a backpack. With an upright the user deals with the motor’s beater bar, housing, bag and any additional attachments.  Contrast  that to the structure of the Backpack Vacuum  which has a light weight wand with the attachments on a belt and the vacuum unit worn on the back.  One of the newer Backpack Vacuums  from Nacecare is battery operated, cleans 16,000 sq.ft. per hour and weighs only 15 lbs. In addition it has been shown in several studies that Backpack Vacuums  can increase productivity four fold over traditional uprights. They can, when used properly replace four or more upright units while at the same time, they reduce dust,  make maintenance easier and improve overall cleaning outcomes.

Let’s compare:  Traditional upright models can typically clean about 2875 sq.ft of floor in an hour  Backpack Vacuums because the hose can easily be lifted from the ground cannot only also be used for dusting but can clean up to 7407 sq.ft. of floor in an hour providing a much higher level of efficiency!  In a side by side, real time test a standard upright vacuum took 2 minutes and 40 seconds to properly vacuum the “office space”;  the Backpack Vacuum however covered the same area in only 50.292 seconds – over 3x faster!  Moreover in another test of 5 passes the Backpack Vacuum consistently proved to be 43% more efficient in removing soil from a carpet than an upright. 








Who doesn’t want to save on labour costs?  As previously stated using a Backpack Vacuum can greatly cut back on labour hours as it provides a much higher rate of coverage in a shorter amount of time. Wouldn’t you want to save thousands of dollars?  In a recent study and based on an average of $13/hr wage, it was shown that for every 100,000 sq.ft vacuumed, there could be a savings of $88,000 per year using a Backpack Vacuum over an upright.  Now that’s money in the bank!


Less maintenance, less breakdowns, less parts, (an Upright has about 50 moving parts whereas a Backpack Vacuum has only 2) . This all points to saving money. As detailed above, on average an upright vacuum costs $184 per year to maintain compared to an average of $60 per year for a Backpack Vacuum. 



Getting back to first impressions.  It’s imperative to have your business not only look good but to also provide a healthy environment. All the billions of microscopic organisms living around us, from bacteria, pollen, dander, dust mites and more , trigger health issues like asthma and allergies and can even spread illness.  Backpack Vacuums have advanced filtration systems that capture these dangerous particles in the air and on the floor, keeping these pesky germs at bay.  The HEPA filter contained within in the Backpack Vacuum unit captures 99.97% of the contaminants. On the contrary, the brush agitation of an upright stirs up the dirt and allergens in the air actually releasing them back into the indoor environment.

There are differences in models though;  the corded models are lighter than the cordless and also have a longer run time, in fact up to 90 minutes of consistent and powerful cleaning (55 minutes if run on high power mode). The cordless models have only about a 45 minute run time.  Also the age of the machine can make a big difference.  Units purchased today are more ergonomic having both comfort straps and cushioned belts; they fit better to the body providing more comfort, they are less hot to wear and are not as noisy as the older models of say about 10 years ago.  Another huge advantage to the company using Backpack Vacuums is the longevity of the product.  Today’s models should run for at least 7 years versus the standard 3 to 4 years of an industrial upright. This representatives a valuable cost savings.



Product cost to the business is always important.  All aspects though have to be considered.  Although Backpack Vacuums may require a larger outlay of cash to purchase, the areas of low maintenance and repair, labour costs , less injury to employees and the longetivy of the life of the product outweight the extra initial cost.

All in all, for commercial cleaning purposes aren’t you ready to be more productive, reduce annual costs and provide health benefits for all in your building or office?  Aren’t you ready to make the investment?   OK then….let’s go BACKPACKING!

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